Planned Giving

planned giving

For many donors, planned giving is a reasonable and achievable way to make a major financial contribution to those organizations that rank high among their charitable priorities. Planned gifts typically involve inclusion of an organization into one’s estate plan. Gifts are legally arranged during the donor’s lifetime, but are usually realized at a later date, often times after the donor’s death.

Common Ways to Make a Planned Gift

  • Bequest in Will: State a bequest to AFAS in your will to make an easy and simple planned gift
  • Life Insurance: Donate an existing or new policy, or designate all or part of a policy to AFAS
  • Charitable Lead Trust: Specify a period of years for AFAS to receive charitable gift installments before your heirs receive the remainder
  • Qualified Retirement Plans: Name AFAS as a beneficiary of a qualified retirement plan
  • Charitable Gift Annuity: This is a combination of a gift with an annuity and AFAS can be a beneficiary
  • Deferred Gift Annuity: Similar to a charitable gift annuity, but the payments are deferred to a future date
  • Charitable Remainder Trust: Establish a trust that will provide funds to you or designated family members now, with the remaining balance paid to the AFAS after a specified period of time

To pursue a planned gift option with AFAS, please contact us at

Other Gifting Options

In addition to Planned Giving options, here are some other gift options to consider.


Gifts of Appreciated Securities:

AFAS accepts donations of stock and appreciated securities through our investment portfolio custodian, Northern Trust. Please refer to our Stock Donation Policy for information on how to facilitate a gift of appreciated securities. When you initiate a stock donation, please send an email to with these details so we can process and acknowledge your gift correctly:

  • Name of stock being transferred
  • Number of shares being transferred
  • Your mailing address
  • Your email address


Corporate Matching Gifts:

Many employers allow individuals to leverage the power of their charitable contributions by offering to match donations made by their employees. If the company you work for (or that you retired from) offers a corporate matching gift program, you can extend the reach and impact of your individual gift. Check with your employer about options.


Endowed Gifts:

Exclusive to our education support program, donors wishing to make a lasting, more permanent impact can choose to endow in perpetuity a named Hap Arnold Education Grant or a named Merit Scholarship. To learn more about minimum gifts amounts and how the process works, contact us at