Hurricane Relief


During catastrophic natural events – like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma – Air Force Aid Society can and does help.  Emergency Assistance is always job #1 for the Society, and this 24/7 support remains available to eligible service members 365 days a year, even during times of disaster.

HQ AFAS is closely monitoring the situation for service members in those areas directly affected by Hurricanes Harvey and Irma to identify opportunities to expand services and support for the Total Force.

Stabilizing Assistance Grants for Active Duty Airmen at MacDill AFB, Moody AFB, and Patrick AFB

AFAS wants to ensure our Airmen who have been most directly affected by Hurricane Irma can speedily return to their Air Force mission by helping to relieve some of the financial stress associated with recovery and clean up.

For those active duty Airmen residing off-base in the communities surrounding MacDill AFB and Patrick AFB in Florida, and Moody AFB in Georgia, Stabilizing Assistance Grants will be made available to help with immediate needs while our service members wait for assistance from other help-agencies (FEMA, Insurance Providers, etc).

For those Active Duty Airmen living off-base and assigned to MacDill AFB, Moody AFB or Patrick AFB:

  • $600 Grant for Active Duty Airmen with Dependents
  • $300 Grant for Active Duty single Airmen

The Airman & Family Readiness Centers at MacDill and Patrick will disburse these grants to eligible Airmen. Verification of off-base living status and of need for help from a Commander or First Sergeant will be required to complete the process.

If you are an Airman at MacDill, Moody or Patrick in need of and eligible for this grant support, connect with your Commander or First Sergeant so they can notify the AFAS section at your A&FRC.

Expanded Support for Guard and Reserve Members Activated for Harvey and Irma Relief

An exception to Emergency Assistance policy has been placed in effect (between 1 September and 5 October) to provide emergency financial assistance to any National Guard (including those mobilized on state orders) or Reserve Airmen who have been mobilized to support hurricane relief efforts.

The standard Title 10 orders requirement for National Guard/Reserve eligibility will be suspended in cases where orders indicate “in support of Hurricane Harvey/Irma”.

In these cases, no-interest loans for valid financial needs will be made available to eligible Guard and Reserve Airmen until they can receive pay and entitlements. Basic living expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, food and car payments qualify as valid financial needs.

Support During Evacuations

HQ AFAS is working closely with our AFAS sections at base installations in affected areas to make sure our field caseworkers have all the support they need and to make sure they are equipped to help Airmen who may be evacuated in the most comprehensive way possible.

When an evacuation order has been issued, Airmen without government travel cards may request a no-interest loan from AFAS. Loans of up to $300 for single Airmen and up to $600 for Airmen with dependents will be available for travel and basic living expenses.

Support During Aftermath and Recovery

During hurricanes like those we are experiencing, the true scope of devastation sometimes isn’t realized until the storm has passed and the flooding recedes. Traditional AFAS Emergency Assistance will remain a 24/7 source of support for eligible Airmen.

For a reminder about standard eligibility requirements and the types of financial emergencies covered by AFAS 365, 24/7 visit Which Loan is Right for Me?

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