Helping Airmen is the singular philosophy driving everything at Air Force Aid Society. More than 50,000 assists. Nearly $15 million in direct help through emergency financial assistance, education support and community programs.

Get to know the real Airmen behind those numbers and learn more about how AFAS is helping Airmen every day.

Coming Back to the Military

Jacinta grew up in a military family, her father retired from the Air Force as a Technical Sergeant. Even her mom worked at the Department of Defense in a civilian role. Jacinta loved the opportunities to meet new people, see new places and experience different cultures – hallmarks of growing up a military kid. But with two siblings, Jacinta was going to need financial assistance to make her educational dreams happen.

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Boosting Her Confidence

“To be a professional woman in the military community and pursue a career…has personally and professionally built my confidence,” Kristina says. Being a role model for her children, she’s showing them that putting in hard work now will definitely pay off later. Receiving educational assistance from Air Force Aid Society also eased her Airman husband’s mind, knowing that his wife wouldn’t have been able to attend college otherwise.

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