General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant Program

Since its inception in 1942, the Air Force Aid Society (AFAS) has been committed to helping Air Force members and their families realize their academic goals. The General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant program, the centerpiece of the Society's education initiatives, has been overwhelmingly popular. The value and success of this program is demonstrated in the 107,207 grants disbursed, totaling nearly $161 million since the first awards were made for the 1988-1989 academic year.

This grant program is competitive in its need-based selection criteria, uniquely tailored to recognize the proper weighing of family income and education cost factors.  The amount awarded is dependent on each student’s particular level of need, with the highest levels of assistance going to the students who show the greatest need. Grants ranging from $500 to $4,000 are awarded to selected sons and daughters of Active Duty, Title 10 AGR/Reserve, Title 32 AGR performing full-time active duty, Retired, Retired Reserve and deceased Air Force members; spouses of Active Duty members and Title 10 AGR/Reservists; and surviving spouses of deceased personnel for their full-time undergraduate studies.

Each award carries the name of an individual or organization exemplifying service to the Air Force, and biographical information is sent to each grant recipient. For example, General of the Air Force Henry (Hap) Arnold, Generals George S. Brown, Curtis E. LeMay, Carl A. Spaatz, Ira C. Eaker, Daniel "Chappie" James, Jr., and CMSgts of the Air Force Richard D. Kisling, Arthur L. "Bud" Andrews, and Donald L. Harlow are just a few of the established awards.  Click here to view the full list of existing Named Awards.

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