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Air Force Aid Society emergency assistance is available to Airmen and their eligible family members to meet immediate needs in an emergency situation. The Society provides interest free loans and grants based on the individual situation.

Standard Emergency Assistance Loans and Grants

The applicant completes a standard AFAS application stating their emergency need. All requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and loan/grant decisions are based on the circumstances of the individual situation.

Falcon Loans

Falcon Loans are loans of up to $750 that can be used for emergency needs. The streamlined application process for a Falcon Loan requires no budget information, backup documentation, or First Sergeant/Commander approval.


  • Active duty Air Force personnel and their eligible family members
  • Retired Air Force personnel and their eligible family members, but not on a continuing basis, and based on a case-by-case review
  • Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve personnel on extended active duty 15 days or more under Title 10 USC
  • Spouses and dependent age children of deceased Air Force personnel (who died on active duty or in retired status)

Assistance to Reserve/Guard

Air National Guard or Air Force Reserve personnel on extended active duty 15 days or more under Title 10 USC are eligible for emergency assistance when the emergency is incident to, or resulting from applicant's active duty tour. AFAS will respond to genuine emergency situations and offer stabilizing assists, but not long-standing needs caused by other factors such as previous employment, poor home maintenance, or a serious mortgage delinquency.

A Paymatic authorization form must be completed at the time any loan assistance is given to a Guard or Reserve member. This ensures that in those cases where allotments cannot start, AFAS can submit the Paymatic form, authorizing AFAS to collect payments directly from the member's checking account.

Paymatic Form (PDF)     Need Adobe Acrobat?


How to Apply

Airmen or eligible family members who have an emergency need and are at an Air Force base may apply online or in person at the Air Force Aid office in the Airman and Family Readiness Center.  To apply online, enter the AFAS Member Portal to access the Application for AFAS Financial Assistance.

If you are not near an Air Force base, you may apply for Air Force Aid assistance through any of the following agencies.


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