AFAS Merit Scholarship

The Society awards a selected number of $5,000 merit-based scholarships to incoming freshman who have completed both phases of the General Henry H. Arnold Education Grant application, and therefore, have already been reviewed for eligibility and had their Grade Point Average (GPA) verified. These scholarship candidates, regardless of whether or not they receive the need-based Arnold Grant, will be directly contacted by AFAS.

Selection is based on cumulative GPA, SAT/ACT scores, transcripts, extracurricular activities/volunteer/work résumé, and an essay on a specified topic. Winners will be announced in July, with funds disbursed directly to the universities/colleges in early August.

Again, only incoming freshman who complete the Arnold Grant preliminary application, Family Financial Data Form and GPA verification will be considered for the Merit Scholarship.


2013/2014 Merit Scholarship winners!

Congratulations to the following 37 students who were each awarded a $5,000 AFAS Education Merit Scholarship for the 2013/2014 school year!


Kara N. Andrews

Daniel I. Moses

Tyler S. Andrews

Jayce T. Nelson

Alexis C. Antequera

Aliyah E. Northington

Justice S. Balcom

Jeremy A. Oyler

Breanne M. Burlison

Stephanie N. Ramer

Troy E. Caselli

Joshua P. Ranger

Alaia M. Christensen

Taylor J. Remington

Valerie L. Clemans

Keanu X. Richardson

Gregory J. Corkern

Michael T. Rickabaugh

Connor C. Cormier

Rebecca A. Roach

Jacob T. Hyde

Kaylyn L. Sawyer

John M. Jones

Sophia G. Schwalbe

Alexis N. Knupp

Madeline K. Skrocki

Jacob A. Lass

Bailey E. Snyder

Kristen A. Manion

Ashleigh G. Stratton

Victoria S. Marks

Jessica F. Stratton

Emily A. Miller

Aeden M. Timbrook

Jessica L. Miller

Angela R. Tylock

Meghan O. Mitchell




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